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Zombie Hunter Will Die, Daughter Kills Daddy, Bloody Weekend, and more! Shocking True Crime Stories

Bryan Patrick Miller, who called himself the “Zombie Hunter” got away with murder for more than 20 years. But no more. The Phoenix man was sentenced to death in June 2023, for the separate murders of two women who were attacked in 1992 and 1993.

Angela Brosso’s naked, decapitated body was found near a bike trail that ran along the Arizona Canal in north Phoenix in November 1992.

“He murdered my angel, he ripped my heart, and I will never, ever be the same,”said Linda Brosso, Angela's mother,

Melanie Bernas was killed nearly a year later. Her body was found floating in the canal.

“Words cannot begin to explain the level of excruciating pain we experience every single day since her murder,” Bernas' sister, Jill Canetta, said in court, according to KPHO-TV. “We live without her smile, her hugs, her companionship. We live without her love.”

This is a hell of a story to be writing on Father’s Day Weekend, but you need to know that Megan Joyce Imirowicz — then 18 years old — murdered her daddy in October 2021 by throwing a chemical drain cleaner — lye — on him while the poor guy was sleeping.

Why? Unfortunately Konrad was too drunk to drive Megan to her hair salon appointment. And she got pissed.

Well, on June 15, 2023, Megan broke down in tears, totally losing it, when the jury came back with its verdicts.

Now Megan is looking at life in prison after being found guilty by a Michigan jury of domestic violence and “unlawful possession or use of a harmful irritant causing death.”

Daddy didn’t die in this one, but he got hurt real bad. In San Antonio, Texas, police say a father and son were arguing when Matthew Randall Sanchez Levario Jr. started swinging a machete at his 55-year-old father.

Got him on the ankle.

Matthew Senior will be okay. But his 36-year-old son is locked up, facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A suburban Illinois Juneteenth celebration turned violent about half-an-hour after midnight on June 18, 2023. Willowbrook, Illinois, Battalion Chief Joe Ostrander said at least one person was killed and 20 more wounded in gunfire that rang out amidst a crowd of more than 300 people.

One of the wounded was said to be in critical condition.

In addition, one person was shot to death and nine others — all under the age of 18 — in Missouri.

Five more were injured by gunfire near a Washington state campground that was hosting a music festival Saturday night.

More bodies fell in Oakland, California. At least three dead by last count.

Only in New York. Some people walking their dogs in Central Park got tangled up in each other’s leashes, argued, and one of them pulled out a blade and stabbed one of the dogs.

The victim — a female Pitbull-German Shepherd mix, had to be put to sleep. The guy with the knife was still on the loose, at last report.

Cedric Lodge — a former manager of Harvard Medical School’s Morgue —where they keep cadavers and human pieces and parts for student study — and his wife, are on a list of six people accused of “trafficking in stolen human remains.”

According to United States Attorney Gerard M. Karam, the indictments and information allege that a nationwide network of individuals bought and sold human remains stolen from Harvard Medical School and an Arkansas mortuary.

“Some crimes defy understanding,” said United States Attorney Gerard M. Karam.

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