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Little Rascals Bank Robbers! A Shocking True Crime Story

Houston we have a problem, the FBI said; and that problem was, the “Little Rascals” bank robbers.

I am not kidding.

Agents called on the people of Houston to help them track down and capture three kids -- between the ages of 14 and 18 -- who robbed a Wells Fargo bank, the afternoon of March 14.

Here’s what the Houston FBI put out on X:

“Recognize these "little rascals"? Believe it or not they just robbed the Wells Fargo at 10261 North Freeway. If you know who and where they are contact police immediately or @crimestophou at 713-222-TIPS. #HouNews

The kids wore hoodies but not masks. The pictures of the dastardly trio show their faces clear as a bell.

But still the FBI sent out that message on social media asking for help, to which Kira, on X, responded: “I don’t know which is more embarrassing that a bank got robbed by some middle schoolers or that the fbi cant find them.”

Well, not to worry, Kira (a.k.a. Karen???). The FBI got their kids.

The three alleged robbers, ages 11, 12 and 16, were charged six days after the crime with “robbery by threat.” That’s a second-degree felony.

How’d the cops nail this one shut? Simple. The kids’ parents turned them in.

Case Closed, Kira!!!


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Maureen Henn
Maureen Henn
Mar 25

Oh good grief. Thank the Lord their parents had some sense. Hopefully, they learn the lesson (and don't get put in juvie until they're 18 - because I don't think that helps anyone).

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