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  • Rod Kackley

The Oakland County Child Killer, A Shocking True Crime Stories Flashback from November 1973!

Rod Kackley's Shocking True Crime Stories Newsletter

November 1973 Flashback Edition - Top 5 True Crime Stories

Welcome, Shocking True Crime Enthusiasts!

This week, we're taking a trip back in time to November 1973 — 50 years ago — the days when the Universe really stood for something. The world was a different place, but one thing remained constant - Shocking True Crime Stories that continue to captivate us. Join us as we revisit the top five true crime tales of that era.

1. The Denver Sniper - November 1973

In November 1973, Denver was terrorized by a sniper who randomly targeted innocent victims. The spree, which lasted for weeks, had the entire city on edge. The authorities launched a massive manhunt, eventually leading to the capture of the elusive sniper, who turned out to be a disturbed war veteran.

2. The Fort Lauderdale Strangler

A series of gruesome murders rocked Fort Lauderdale in November 1973. Five young women were brutally strangled, sending shockwaves through the community. The case remained unsolved for years until DNA evidence finally led to the arrest of a former neighbor.

3. The Heist of the Century - Stockholm Bank Robbery

In November 1973, a group of bank robbers in Stockholm executed a heist that would go down in history. They tunneled into the bank's vault and made off with millions in cash and valuables. The audacity of the crime and the gang's cunning planning made this heist the stuff of legends.

4. The Disappearance of Joan Risch

On a seemingly ordinary day in November 1973, Joan Risch vanished from her suburban Boston home, leaving behind signs of a struggle and disturbing clues. Her case remains unsolved to this day, sparking countless theories and speculations about her mysterious disappearance.

5. The Oakland County Child Killer

The terrifying case of the Oakland County Child Killer dominated headlines in November 1973. Four children were abducted and brutally murdered in the Detroit area, leaving parents and law enforcement in a state of panic. Despite extensive investigations, the identity of the killer and the motive behind these tragic murders remains a mystery. And I can tell you as one who lived in Metro Detroit during that time, it was a breaking point for parents.

When I grew up in the Detroit suburb of Warren, it was nothing for kids to stay outdoors all day, playing where we wanted, waiting for our mothers’ voices to call us home for dinner.

After the Oakland County Child Killer stories broke, nobody was allowed out alone for a long, long time.


These stories from November 1973 remind us of the enduring fascination with true crime, as we continue to seek answers and justice for the victims. Stay tuned for more gripping tales from the world of true crime.

Until next week, remember to lock your doors and keep a watchful eye, for the world of true crime is always lurking in the shadows.

Stay curious and stay safe!



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