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Top Five Shocking True Crime Stories of 2023

(this is not me)

It was a cold December day nearly thirteen years ago; I decided to leave the 9-to-5 world with its steady paychecks to write stories and books.

It's been an incredible journey. I'll tell you more about it in the coming months.

Until then, here are 2023's top “Shocking True Crime Story” books, according to my readers.

The Murder of Kelsey Berreth: A Shocking True Crime Story

This is a riveting story of a young woman's disappearance, her family's will to find out what happened, and a 21st-century police investigation that nearly cracks the case wide open. Nearly.

Will the FBI do a deal with the devil to solve this crime?

The Murder of Katherine Brown: A Shocking True Crime Story

Forbidden passion and unimaginable violence collide in a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the quiet corners of a rural community in Western Michigan, a seemingly ordinary father of two harbored a dark secret.

The Murder of Thora Chamberlain: A Shocking True Crime Story

November 2, 1945: On her way to a high school football game with friends, a fourteen-year-old girl vanishes after driving away with a man who says he needs a babysitter.

The FBI unleashes its top kidnapping expert, an agent who helped bring John Dillinger down. Will that be enough to find the girl and her abductor?

Justice for Ashley: A Shocking True Crime Story

Worse than murder. More heinous than homicide. Ashley's mother wants justice. And she wants her daughter returned to her. All of her.

88 Days The Abduction of Jayme Closs: A Shocking True Crime Story

A thirteen-year-old girl is kidnapped, ripped from the arms of her murdered mother by a man who fantasized about someday abducting a girl, any girl, and making her his own.

(this is not me, either. But closer..)

There you have it. My Top Five “Shocking True Crime Story” Best Sellers for 2023.

How about something new?

Maybe something ‘historic’ with dare I ask, ‘A Christmas Flair?’

You got it!

My newest Shocking True Crime Story, The Murder of Mary Falzone.

Step back in time to the winter of 1929, where the magic of Christmas in Brooklyn, New York, was shattered by a heinous act that reverberated through the ages.

In "The Murder of Mary Falzone: A Shocking True Crime Story,” Rod Kackley unravels the chilling tale of a family torn apart by an explosion that claimed the lives of Mary, Philip, and Rose Falzone, innocent children whose lives were extinguished by a bomb disguised as a holiday gift.

As the city grappled with the aftermath of this unspeakable tragedy, a relentless investigation unfolded to unmask the perpetrators behind the merciless attack.

Rod Kackley takes readers on a gripping journey through the dark alleys of 1920s Brooklyn, where organized crime thrived, and the thin line between justice and retribution blurred. The narrative unfolds like a suspenseful thriller, capturing the tension of a city on the brink.

The Murder of Mary Falzone: A Shocking True Crime Story


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