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  • Rod Kackley

The Murder of Emma Brown: A Crime Novel

Friends don’t kill friends, do they?

Two eighteen-year-old women go out for a night of cruising and partying.

Only one returns home.

Now, Major Crimes Division inspectors William Gagnon and Scarlett Gauthier have to find a killer. Someone so evil they beat and strangled a woman to death with their bare hands and a leather belt.

It had to be a man, right? How could another woman have done this?

Oh, a woman could have done this-- a woman who learns how easy it is to cross that line between guilt and innocence and how hard it is to shoulder the burden of knowing she's committed a truly heinous crime.

Guess what?

Friends. Kill. Friends.

The Murder of Emma Brown, a thrilling, page-turning crime novel you’ll never forget.

Available as an ebook, paperback, or hard cover book.


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