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Texas Chainsaw Murders and More! Shocking True Crime Stories

Shocking True Crime Stories Weekly Newsletter

Issue #1 | October 30, 2023

Hello, Shocking True Crime Stories Fans,

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, I bring you tales of murder and mayhem that happened under the shadow of Halloween throughout history. In this special edition, I present three chilling stories to make your skin crawl. Are you ready for a bone-chilling journey?

1. The Texas Chainsaw Murders (1974)

Inspiration for the classic horror film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," came from the real-life case of Ed Gein. In the eerie backdrop of Plainfield, Wisconsin, Gein committed heinous acts, including exhuming corpses and crafting ghastly furniture and clothing from human remains. His reign of terror was uncovered in 1957, leaving a horrifying mark on Halloween history.

2. The Ouija Board Murder (1930)

In Los Angeles, California, on Halloween night in 1930, a bizarre séance turned deadly. A gathering to communicate with the spirit world ended with a guest being shot and killed. The murderer claimed the Ouija board compelled him to commit the crime, leading to a chilling trial that remains a spooky footnote in true crime annals.

3. The Phantom Killer of Texarkana (1946)

In the Texarkana Moonlight Murders, a serial killer wearing a white mask terrorized the town during the spring of 1946. The phantom killer's reign of terror peaked on Halloween when he attacked two young victims. The elusive murderer was never apprehended, leaving behind a haunted town with unanswered questions.

In the chilling pages of The Murder of Katherine Brown: A Shocking True Crime Story, prepare to be captivated by a tale that delves deep into the darkest recesses of human obsession.

This nonfiction masterpiece unravels the horrifying account of a man consumed by an insatiable lust, a desire that would ultimately lead him down a path of unimaginable depravity.

Within the confines of a small, rural community in Western Michigan, a loving father of two became an embodiment of the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, concealing his sinister alter ego behind a facade of normalcy.

Driven by an unyielding need for a woman he could never possess, he succumbed to his basest instincts, transforming into a merciless madman. And when his desperate cravings became unbearable, he resorted to the ultimate act of violence: murder.

Four lives were brutally extinguished on that fateful night, forever etching their names into the annals of this close-knit town's history.

The aftermath of this heinous act would send shockwaves through the community, shattering its peace and tranquility. As the days turned into months, a dedicated task force of fifty detectives and forensic experts tirelessly pursued justice, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to unmask the murderer.

But it was the testimony of an unlikely witness—a crack-smoking prostitute who had narrowly escaped his clutches—that would provide the first crack in the killer's facade. And behind the cold bars of his prison cell, a chilling jailhouse confession to his cellmate would reveal the full extent of his twisted psyche.

The Murder of Katherine Brown is a gripping narrative, at times heartbreaking, that explores the depths of a homicidal sex fiend's contempt for women, his victims paying the ultimate price for his deranged desires.

This true crime saga goes beyond the grisly details of a mass murder, weaving in the stories of the families left to mourn, forever scarred by the loss of their loved ones.

Yet, amidst the tragedy, there is resilience—an indomitable spirit that prevails as these shattered lives find the strength to carry on, ensuring that the memory of the fallen will never fade.

Prepare to be enthralled by this shocking true crime account that unveils the darkest corners of the human psyche, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Available exclusively through Amazon and Kindle, The Murder of Katherine Brown was declared a “KDP Select All-Star” for the month of September thanks to more than 37,000 Kindle Unlimited page reads and support from readers. Thanks!

With more than 47,000 pages read through Kindle Unlimited and strong sales in October; The Murder of Katherine Brown continues to do very well. Thanks again, readers!!!

A final note:

Stay vigilant this Halloween season, Shocking True Crime Stories aficionados, and keep an eye out for things that go bump in the night. As the shadows lengthen and the air grows colder, remember that the most sinister stories are sometimes the truest.

Wishing you a spine-tingling Halloween!

One more thing: Never forget, if you've got time to breathe, you've got time for coffee!

Best Regards,



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