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Sydney West Is Missing. Could this be a Shocking True Crime Story?

(Sydney West from

It was 6:45 a.m. on September 30, 2020. A 19-year-old woman, standing 5-10, weighing 130 pounds, wearing a light teal hoodie, dark leggings, and Vans sneakers — a tropical print on the shoes — walks into the fog on the Golden Gate Bridge — and vanishes.

There’s no disputing that. A new videotape provided by a private investigator shows Sydney Kaitlyn West walking onto the bridge, into the fog, and then nothing. She’s gone.

Was she abducted? Did someone come out of the fog, grab Sydney, and spirit her away? Or could it be — I know what you are thinking — a tragic story of suicide?

No. If either had happened, we’d know because Sydney was not alone. Plenty of people were on the bridge at that time of the morning. In fact, the bridge was extremely crowded. The videotape proves that, too. If something like either scenario — abduction or suicide — happened, someone on the bridge would have seen it.

Private investigator Scott Dudek told Fox News Digital of the video footage. "You would think if somebody went and crawled up on the rails with all those people and bike riders, somebody would have either called, which, that never happened, or somebody would have tried to talk to her and try to come forward with all that publicity, and that never happened."

Dudek also said that in addition to the people on the bridge, bird watchers, photographers, and athletes working out, were below the bridge.

But nobody saw anything.

Sydney vanished into the fog and smoke from nearby wildfires.

It could be the plot of a 1990s Michael Douglas-Sharon Stone movie, but it’s not.

This story is all too real as Sydney’s friends and family try to figure out what could have happened to the woman.

A former student at the University of California-Berkeley, West moved to the San Francisco area about a month before she disappeared. She was living up until she went missing in downtown San Francisco near Chrissy Field, close to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, Sydney did suffer a concession while she and her family lived in North Carolina.

After returning to college, her mother said Sydney struggled with screen time. She was not supposed to be looking at computer screens, but classes in the fall of 2020 were utterly virtual. Sydney had no choice.

She was also said to be feeling isolated and lonely due to the pandemic lockdown, according to a San Francisco Police Department statement.

The SFPD said in 2020 that Sydney was “at risk due to depression.”

But neither Sydney’s mother nor father believed that was a factor.

Two weeks after she was reported missing, the San Francisco Police Department listed her as missing. The SFPD transferred the case to the Special Victim’s Unit.

A 24-hour line was established to collect information about the case.

The case was put into the FBI’s database six months after Sydney vanished. But there still are no clues as to her whereabouts.

A $25,000 reward for information about Sydney's location and return has been issued.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Scott Dudek at (925) 705-8328 or More information about Sydney and her disappearance can be found at

“Find your way home. Find your way home to us,” her father, Jay West, said. “The thing that I want most is I want you back in my arms and just to squeeze, baby squeeze the half-life out of you. I just want you to know wherever you are that we love you.”

Lured Into a Psycho's Sex Games: A Shocking True Crime Story

A few days before Christmas 2019, Jennifer Gail Paxton walked into the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of 52-year-old Sean Finnegan and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Rebecca Dishman.

Jennifer never left. Oak Ridge police investigators found her corpse under the couple’s bed on August 6.

Was Jennifer a holiday visitor who outwore her welcome?


The Oak Ridge PD says Sean and Rebecca mercilessly tortured 36-year-old Jennifer. Detectives believe the couple chained Jennifer to a bed, beat, and raped her repeatedly, denying her food and water.

They played one-sided sex games with Jennifer, strangling her while Sean raped her.

It didn’t take long, not more than a few days, probably for Jennifer to die.

Then, Sean and Rebecca put Jennifer’s corpse into their stand-up freezer between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Not an easy thing to do. Rookies always underestimate the challenge of disposing and/or storing a body.

Sean and Rebecca had to break some of Jennifer’s bones before pulling out a sharp saw to cut off parts of Jennifer’s legs and arms to get her into the freezer.

And there she stayed until the couple found out Oak Ridge police officers were about to knock on their front door, looking for Jennifer.

Thinking quickly, Sean and Rebecca took Jennifer’s body out of the freezer and slid the frozen corpse under their bed. The cops would never look there.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know a human carcass will thaw out, no matter how frozen.

Didn’t take police long to find Jennifer’s body, even though Rebecca had done her best with bleach and a Swifter to clean up nasty stains from blood and bodily fluids.

And it didn’t take long for prosecutors to charge Rebecca and Sean with five felonies, including first-degree murder, along with charges of aggravated sexual battery, kidnapping, and rape.

So how did Rebecca and Sean lure Jennifer to their home? Arrest warrants show they simply promised the woman a place to stay.

But once inside, their evil plan quickly played itself out. Jennifer was smashed over the head with a baseball bat. The couple then swiftly chained Jennifer to a bed and shackled her with a dog collar. Her arms were bound with zip ties.

After the cops read their Miranda rights, Sean and Rebecca admitted their actions.

Accused Rapist Sprung From Jail Kills Accuser: A Shocking True Crime Story

Karla Dominguez told Alexandria, Virginia police detectives the sex she had with Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was any but consensual. Karla said he abducted her before he raped and strangled her.

Ibrahim was deemed dangerous by a judge and jailed without bond. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Washington D.C. area. Ibrahim’s lawyers went to work.

The attorneys argued that the coronavirus threatened themselves and Ibrahim, so their client should be released.

Over the strenuous objections of an Alexandria County prosecutor, Ibrahim was released on a $25,000 bond.

A few months later, the Alexandria PD says, Ibrahim drove from his home in Maryland to Karla’s apartment on the west end of Alexandria and waited for her to walk outside.

As soon as she did, Ibrahim pointed a gun, squeezed the trigger, and shot Karla dead.

Police immediately started looking for Ibrahim. All points bulletin. Armed and dangerous.

Officers spotted his car in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The chase was on.

Ibrahim crashed. Cops surrounded his wrecked car with their guns drawn.

They found him slumped over the steering wheel. Ibrahim had shot himself.

Ibrahim’s attorneys said they were “certainly saddened by the tragedy both families have suffered here.”

The Washington Post concluded Ibrahim’s release from jail and the murder of Karla Dominguez represent “a tragic side effect of the pandemic.”

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