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Happy Mother's Day You Murdering Mommies! Here are your WTF! Shocking True Crime Stories!


Yeah! Happy Mother's Day Shocking True Crime and Crime Thriller Lovers,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Shocking True Crime Stories and Crime Thriller Newsletter, straight from the twisted mind of yours truly, Rod Kackley.

Brace yourself. What follows are several Shocking True Crime Stories that are truly out of our WTF STC File!

It’s hard to believe that a parent, especially a mother, would kill one of her own. But it happens, you know it does.

Take, for instance, the case of Annette Briley, a 44-year-old woman from the small, quaint, conservative and Uber-religious west Michigan town of Holland.

Famous for its annual Tulip Time Festival -- which didn’t go well this month because most of the damn flowers launched early and died -- Holland is a very religious town. It used to be that nobody, and I mean nobody, worked on Sunday.

You didn’t do anything but go to church on the Sabbath, then home for supper with the family, followed by quiet. Quiet. Quiet.

Not any more. But twenty years ago when Annette snapped and killed her baby boys that is what is was like.

Now, Annette was not in her hometown where this double murder occurred. She was at her grandpa’s house in Illinois.

She gave birth to twin boys in a bathtub inside her grandfather’s house. All alone. Sitting in the tub. Annette didn’t know what to do next. Finally, Annette decided she needed help and set out for a local hospital with the babies tucked into a duffle bag.

Along the way, though, Annette decided to just drop the bag -- and her babies -- into a trash can and drove back to her grandfather’s house.

There she watched some TV and then went to bed.

The tiny newborns might never have been found if not for a garbage truck driver who spotted them in the front lift bucket of her truck.

Of course police investigated, but the case went cold. However, in 2018, detectives cracked open the file again, and using genetic testing were able to trace the babies to Annette.

From there she entered the court system and was found guilty, May 7, 2024, of murder. Annette was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison for her crime.

Of course, Annette isn’t the only murdering mother. There’s the infamous case of Susan Smith, convicted of killing her three-year-old and 14-month-old sons by putting them in a car, in 1994,  then letting the car roll into a lake in South Carolina, USA. For nine days, Susan claimed two men had carjacked the vehicle with her children inside the vehicle.

In Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Frances Elaine Campione, murdered two of her children in 2006 to get revenge on her ex-husband and because she was afraid he’d be granted custody of the kids.

Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t forget about Lori Vallow Daybed, sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole July 31, 2023 for the murders of her two children and conspiring to slay her husband’s first wife. Remember what she said at her sentence hearing? Here it is...

And then there was the case of Martha Johnson, a seemingly ordinary mother who committed the most heinous of crimes.Martha Johnson's life seemed perfect from the outside - a loving husband, a beautiful home, and four adorable children. But beneath the surface, her marriage was crumbling, and Martha's sanity was slowly slipping away.Whenever Martha had a fight with her husband, she took out her anger on her children. One by one, she killed them, in a twisted bid for revenge. With each murder, Martha's mental state deteriorated further, until she became a complete monster.

Okay. Enough. Let’s move on.

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And that’s it for today! Thanks for reading



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