The Murder of Emma Brown

The Murder of Emma Brown

Friends don’t kill friends, do they?


Two eighteen-year-old women go out for a night of cruising and partying in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Only one returns home. 


Now, Major Crimes Division inspectors William Gagnon and Scarlett Gauthier have to find a killer. Someone so evil they beat and strangled a woman to death with bare hands and a leather belt. 


It had to be a man, right? How could another woman have done this? 


Oh, a woman could have done this-- a woman who learns how easy it is to cross that line between guilt and innocence and how hard it is to shoulder the burden of knowing you’ve committed a truly heinous crime.


Murder is no stranger to Saskatoon.


Still, “The Murder of Emma Brown,” inspired by the shocking true crime short story, “Her Best Friend’s Killer,” stuns this blue-collar Canadian community. 


The pressure’s on Inspectors Gagnon and Gauthier. Has a gang war broken out in Saskatoon? Emma’s only one of two young people killed in a single night. 


Friends turn on friends in this gripping crime fiction novel, battling it out on social media and blaming each other for Emma’s death. 


Gagnon and Gauthier soon realize it’s going to take more than 20th-century crime-fighting techniques to solve this vicious homicide case and bring Emma’s killer to justice.


Guess what? Friends. Kill. Friends.


The Murder of Emma Brown, a thrilling, page-turning crime novel you’ll never forget.






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