So Young, So In Love, So Dead: A Serial Killer Thriller

So Young, So In Love, So Dead: A Serial Killer Thriller

A Serial Killer is Born...


Tim has finally fallen in love with someone who loves him. He's sixteen-years-old, there's a condom burning a hole in his wallet, and he is ready for action.


But Cheryl is only fourteen. That's a problem for everyone but Tim and Cheryl. Her father Bob; he has a real problem with it.


But Tim is sure that loving Cheryl -- and he is confident she loves him too -- will be all they need. Just a couple of teenagers madly in love, getting out of the suburban wasteland of St. Isidore as fast as Tim's father's car can take them. 


Tim loves Cheryl. Why would he ever want to hurt her?


Unfortunately for everyone involved, Tim is about to become St. Isidore's most infamous criminal, a serial killer who hangs his victims from the trees of what will become known as The Suicide Forest.


Cheryl might only be Tim’s first kill.


So Young, So In Love, So Dead: A Serial Killer Thriller


Yes, it’s dark. It's disturbing. And in St. Isidore, the good guys don’t always win.


But, you'll be hooked by this intense story because everyone loves a page-turner!


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