Sleeping With The Devil: A Shocking True Crime Story

Sleeping With The Devil: A Shocking True Crime Story

Did Myra Hindley fall in love with the wrong man, a violent man, who fantasized about killing children? There is no doubt that Ian Brady was evil. But perhaps he was merely sleeping with the devil.

Perhaps Myra was always meant to be a woman who was a serial killer, a female serial killer who preyed upon children. She and Ian did kill children. They did it for the fun of it. Ian got off on it. He loved the sex and so did Myra.They were sick. They were psychopaths. And they did it for love.
Who was Myra Hindley and did her punishment of life in prison fit her crime? Myra believed she should hang for her crimes. But was Myra really to blame for becoming a serial killer? Perhaps she was just a lonely, desperate, bored woman, looking for a way out of her despair.  Maybe Myra was just another woman who found the wrong man.
Myra loved children. She didn’t want to kill children. But she did. Myra helped Ian kill children and would be branded in history as “The Most Evil Woman in Britain.”

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