Please Don't Shoot" A Shocking True Crime Story

Please Don't Shoot" A Shocking True Crime Story

Love. Loss. Revenge. Murder.


Christy Sheats and Chelsea Cook don’t just want to hurt their husbands; they want to punish the men they love most. And to do it, they’re ready to commit the most horrendous crime imaginable.


Christy is sitting in the backyard of her family’s home near Houston ready to hear the worst news she can imagine. Jason is going to tell her he wants a divorce. So, Christy’s called a family meeting. She wants it all out in the open. Christy knows Jason loves their daughters more than anything, maybe even more than her. So Christy makes sure the girls are going to be at home when the news breaks. Christy knows she’ll be the only one carrying a gun.


Chelsea’s already lost her husband to a new woman, Lisa. And Chelsea knows where she is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The new woman in Travis’ life is standing right beside him right now decorating a Christmas tree with Chelsea and Travis’ twin daughters. Christy’s at their apartment complex and calls Travis. They need to talk, she’s decided. Maybe for the last time.


There are seven reasons people commit the unpardonable sin of murder.


“Please Don’t Shoot” and “The Christmas Tree Killer” are shocking true crime stories of two women who kill for one of the two reasons most common to women with nothing left to lose who decide murder is their best option.


In Eye For An Eye, we explore those seven reasons people kill each other and the two that most often push women into homicide. Are women really that different from men when it comes to committing the irreversible crime of murder? The answer is as crystal clear as the difference between Mars and Venus.


Please Don’t Shoot is a gripping and heartbreaking shocking true crime murder book detailing two of the most shocking true crime homicides of 2018. You’d never guess Christy and Chelsea would turn their handguns on the ones they loved, two women who became killers when they decided there was nothing left to lose. 


Please Don’t Shoot will leave you with two questions: Could you see yourself with a finger on the trigger? Or maybe you’ll think about the one you love…do they own a gun?





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