Never Again: An Internet Killer Thriller/Hardcover

Never Again: An Internet Killer Thriller/Hardcover

Suspenseful Internet Killer Thriller.

Joy, a reporter dreaming of a big-city newspaper career and her protégée, Amanda, set off on an impassioned crusade to stop an internet serial killer before he strikes again.

One of the online sex-world’s favorite cam girls, Emily Underwood, is missing. Her biggest fans are crushed. They reach out to the police, but the cops don’t care. Just another hooker who picked up the wrong John as far as they are concerned.

So Emily’s fans turn to the St. Isidore Chronicle for help.

Teenage girls and young women have been vanishing from the streets of St. Isidore for years only to wind up dead in the city park’s forest.

Suicides or murders?

The local cops don’t have a clue, so Joy and Amanda push their way into the biggest murder investigation of their lives.

They decide to bust this story wide open, save Emily, and at the same time, launch fabulous careers for themselves.

At least that’s Joy’s plan.

One other woman decides it’s time to turn the gun on this killer. She’s tired of being hunted. She wants to be the hunter. And she wants to make him dead.

Shocking twists, turns, and page-turning suspense from beginning to end won’t let you stop reading this book, as you join the race to catch an internet killer before another woman dies.

Never Again: An Internet Killer Thriller.