Murder's Always Murder

Murder's Always Murder

A woman accepts a ride from a truck driver in Pennsylvania, a teenager hops into a blue Chevy pickup truck for a ride home from school on a hot day in North Carolina, while in Denver, a woman and her boyfriend take their new dog for a walk.

These three innocent decisions prove fatal.

Murder’s Always Murder.

And that’s just the first of more than 60 Shocking True Crime Stories waiting for true crime aficionados like you. For instance, there's the story of a man who wanted to serve his neighbor’s almost-beating heart with fried potatoes to his family. Needed to “release the demons,” he said.

Serial killers, serial rapists, teenagers who are planning massacres, bank robbers, stone-cold who-done-its, and the victims of these heinous crimes; you'll read about them all in Murder's Always Murder.

And, then there’s the story of a woman who believes she’s receiving threatening messages written in her jailhouse peanut butter. 

There are more shocking true crime stories like The Denver Suitcase Killer, Scottsdale’s Torso Killer, Boiling Mommy’s Head, and Poisoned at Church.

Let’s not forget the Martial Arts Momma, who discovered a delivery driver taking a dump in her backyard garden, or France’s most prolific serial killer, The Ogre of Ardennes.

There’s also an encounter between one of the author’s ancestors and none other than the infamous Wild West outlaw, Butch Cassidy.

And, you’ll wrap it all up by reading a warning about Your Brain on True Crime.

Murder’s Always Murder: Shocking True Crime Stories that you’ll never forget.

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