Lustful Desires: A Shocking True Crime Story

Lustful Desires: A Shocking True Crime Story

He loved her. He couldn't have her. He killed her...and three others he'd known since childhood.

"How could a human being commit such a horrific act? How could Troy Brake take the lives of four wonderful people?” — Natalie Kik-Brown, the mother of victim Katherine Brown

Lustful Desires: A Shocking True Crime Story of Mass Murder is a horrifying, gripping tale that puts you inside the mind of a man who killed four people he grew up with, he lived with, and the young woman he lusted after. You'll also join the victims' survivors on their journey and move on, with them, from a single night of tragedy and the pain of the trial that followed to a place of peace, honoring the memories of those they lost.

You'll get to know the killer, a "Jekyll and Hyde" character who could go from being a loving father of two to a homicidal maniac who hated women so much he vowed never to waste a bullet on them. He preferred to beat them to death.

Dozens of homicide detectives and forensic science experts worked eight long months of this case with pictures of the four victims on his or her desk.

However, it would take the testimony of a crack-addicted prostitute and a jailhouse confession made to his cellmate to bring this killer to justice.

Pick up Lustful Desires: A Shocking True Crime Story of Mass Murder and you won't be able to put it down until you're finished. Then you'll look out the window and wonder about your neighbors.




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