Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story

Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story

Minnesota: A man is found dead on the bathroom floor, shot twice, towels cover his face and torso. Where's his wife? Missing. Running. Could she be the killer?


Florida: A woman who looks enough like the dead man's wife to be her doppelgänger is found dead on a bathroom floor. Towels cover her face and upper body.


Could the killings be related? Where is the wife? Federal investigators know she's lost tens of thousands of dollar gambling. Is her love of casino games and slots a demon in her soul?

Texas: She's found a new friend.  Will this doppelgänger be the third victim? 


Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story is the tale of two families destroyed by murder and gambling, a woman who's never had more than a traffic ticket who’s on the run, and the U.S. Marshal's Office's determination to find her before she can kill again.


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    • Paperback: 50 pages
    • Publisher: Lyons Circle Publishing Inc. (May 4, 2019)
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    • ISBN-10: 1096850095
    • ISBN-13: 978-1096850090
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