The Coffee Shoppe Killer: Inspired by a Shocking True Crime Story

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One Woman. One Gun. Two Dead Bodies. A Love Story


Mary Eileen Sullivan’s ex-husband and new boyfriend have disappeared. She is crushed. Or is she? 


Two of the St. Isidore Chronicle’s crack reporters — Joy and her protege, Amanda -- think Mary Eileen is lying. So does a state police detective, Sean Patrick Flynn, who decides to go undercover — under Mary Eileen’s covers — to solve the mystery and put his suspicions to rest. 


They must be crazy! Mary Eileen Sullivan is a successful businesswoman. Her Coffee Shoppe is a centerpiece of downtown St. Isidore. Why would she kill anyone, least of all, the men she loves?


These reporters and this cop; they must be trying to make their careers off this case, right?


However, if she is a killer, why wouldn’t Mary Eileen make sure that Sean becomes just one more of her dearly departed lovers? And why not just kill Joy and Amanda? 


The Coffee Shoppe Killer is a gripping crime and suspense thriller, inspired by a shocking true crime story, with more than enough twists and turns — along with a surprise ending — to enthrall everyone who loves a good crime fiction novel.


The Coffee Shoppe Killer: Inspired by a Shocking True Crime Story: Did she only kill the ones she loved?



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