• Rod Kackley

Woman Delivers Child To Rapist, Sentenced to a Century

District Court Judge Kathy Seeley decided Kimberly Elvera Feigert had committed such a dastardly crime that she needed to be confined to a prison cell if court-ordered therapy had a chance of working. So, Seeley sentenced the 32-year-old Helena, Montana woman to 100-years behind bars in a state prison. Feigert, who might be paroled in 25 years was convicted of an incredibly heinous crime — delivering a child, a girl, under the age of 10 to a convicted rapist. And the prosecution proved, Feigert knew the child would be assaulted. Prosecutors said Feigert took the little girl to a guy named Andrew Douglas Paige. The two adults laid out the wicked plan on their cell phones, and Paige even took photos of the child in a bathroom. Incredibly, the child was raped in the bathroom of the building in which Paige was receiving court-ordered sex offender treatment. In recorded phone calls Paige made from jail to Feigert, she promised the little girl “wouldn’t tell.” Even though they also wrote letters to each other laying out how this monstrous crime would take place, Feigert claimed she doesn’t remember a thing and was controlled by Paige through the use of drugs. “I'm sorry I lost my way," she said, sobbing, during the sentencing phase of her trial. "I ask for the chance to turn my words into actions.”

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