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What Happens When You Steal From The Mob: The Vault A Shocking True Crime Story

True Crime fans are going to like, maybe not love, but like the movie "Vault." Not to be confused with "The Vault," this movie from last year is a great true crime story about a couple of guys -- low-level crooks -- who stole $34 million in Mafia money.

Happened in 1975, which as all Baby Boomers like me know, is when the Universe really stood for something. But that aside, Vault, available on Amazon Prime, hooked me from the start. Good acting, fantastic writing, and not one but two suprise endings.

You have to remember, this sh*t really happened, which is what we all love about true crime stories, right?

If you have Amazon Prime, check it out, or search for "Vault" online.

In the meantime, keep reading true crime and crime fiction.

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