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Wait! There's More Murder!

Wait, There's More!

Gloucester County prosecutors were proud to charge Sean Lannon with a murder in New Jersey. Still, they were stunned when the accused killer told them they were just getting started.

Lannon says he didn't just kill one person — Michael Dabkowski on March 8 in East Greenwich Township. He told prosecutors that another fifteen people have died at his hand in New Mexico.

First, the Dabkowski murder: Lannon's attorney plans to offer a self-defense claim in the murder of Michael Dabkowski. Fran Unger, a public defender, says Lannon accused Dabkowski of sexually abusing him as a child. Unger says the men got into a fight at Dabkowski's home when Lannon demanded the return of some sexually explicit photos.

Who else did Lannon kill?

Albuquerque police say they found the bodies of Lannon's ex-wife Jennifer and three other people in a pickup truck abandoned at an airport.

According to prosecutors in New Jersey, Lannon told a family member that he murdered Jennifer and the others, along with a dozen more victims.

"He told the witness he was extremely sorry for all the things he had done," said Alec Gutierrez, an assistant prosecutor in Gloucester County.

Yeah, well, Jennifer's brother, Chris Whitman, calls the killings "a senseless act."

"It is tough to hear what he did to our sister and the alleged 15 others," Chris added. "It is tough to wrap our heads around (it)."

Death Penalty Is On The Table In Indy

Execution is an option for Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears in the case of a quadruple homicide in Indianapolis.

Malik Halfacre allegedly killed four people, including his seven-year-old daughter, when the girl's mother wouldn't share her federal stimulus check with him.

It's the death of that little girl that has Mears thinking about seeking the death penalty.

"Knowing what she had to go through and knowing what the last moments of her life were like," Mears said, "that's the part that not only sticks with you but really puts this case in the proper context of just how incredibly violent it was. I think everybody asks the same question about the 7-year-old: Why?"

And think about this: Mears says whether or not the prosecution seeks the death penalty will be up to the victims' family.

Keep in mind, Mears says, it takes four to five years for a death penalty case to work its way through the courts. That is followed by even more years of appeals.

"You ask a lot of the family because it will be years before the case will be resolved," Mears told IndyStar, referring to death penalty cases. "So that threshold question is: Is that something that they're comfortable with?"

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