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This Week In True Crime, August 23, 2020

Welcome to the first edition of “This Week in True Crime.”

This week, we learned two teenagers in Indiana were stopped just before pulling off a Columbine-style massacre, victims of the Golden State Killer had their say, and the US Army is perplexed by murders at Fort Hood.

Indiana Cops Stop School Massacre Plan

A confidential informant sounded the alarm. He told the Rochester, Indiana police department, "Johnny Schultz IV and some friends are planning a school massacre." He also said, "they have a bunch of guns, and they are waiting for school to open to kill a bunch of kids.”

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Jesus Loves Me, The Beginning of the End of a Shocking True Crime Story

Kris Pedretti, one of Joseph James DeAngelo’s first victims, said in Sacramento Superior Court yesterday that she sang “Jesus Loves Me” to herself while being raped by the man who would come to be known as the Golden State Killer.

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Military Murders: Fort Hood Investigation

Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen was laid to rest, Friday. At the same time, a unique team of U.S. Army investigators wants to figure out what the heck is going on at Fort Hood, Texas.

Vanessa, who was stationed at Fort Hood, had been missing since' April when her remains were discovered in July.

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New in the Shocking True Crime Library

A successful young mother, Kelsey Berreth, vanishes on Thanksgiving Day 2018. The FBI is afraid they’ll have to do a deal with the devil to find her.

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