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This is Your Brain On True Crime!

What is it about true crime stories that we find so appealing?

Dr. Aimee Daramus of Urban Balance told Bustle true crime books, stories, movies, and documentaries all produce a cocktail of brain chemicals. “It’s like a particular cocktail of chemicals; I’m scared and it’s fun,” said Dr. Daramus.

“Adrenaline is a stimulant,” she explained, “so you get that kind of excited, energetic feeling.” However, Illinois Wesleyan University Professor Amanda Vicary warned if you overdose on true crime, "you start to believe everyone is a predator and everything is dangerous.”

How do you know when you might have one adrenaline rush too many?

"Does it get to the point where we aren’t friendly to the person in the grocery store anymore, because we’re afraid of them?” said Vicar, “Is it to the point that we’re afraid to leave our house because we’re worried we’re going to be kidnapped?

I think that’s where the danger comes — when people start to take their paranoia and their fear too far.”

The best advice if you feel overwhelmed by true crime, according to the experts who spoke with Bustle, is to take a break.

"Watch some romantic comedies,” said York University Professor Raymond Mar. “Remind yourself that there’s humor and love and other things in the world as well.”

What happens when a woman falls in love with a psychopath? Or better said; what happens when a psychopath falls in love with a psychopath?

Sealed With A Kill is the incredibly shocking true crime story of two nurses's aides who fall in lust with each other while working in a Michigan nursing home.

Lust turns to love sealed by murder. It makes perfect sense to them. If they kill patients together, their love will be sealed and their secrets will stay safe.

They have a great time murdering old women and celebrating with wild sex, until another aide -- Robin -- starts working at the nursing home.

Lust that became love quickly becomes jealousy and everything falls apart.

Sealed With A Kill: A Shocking True Crime Story is available wherever you buy books.

Click here to start reading ASAP or click here to order your signed paperback, and find out what happens when two female psychopaths fall in love and seal that love with a kill.

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