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This Is A Robbery! Shocking True Crime Stories and more...

Greetings, Shocking True Crime Stories Readers!

"This is a robbery!" How many times have those words been shouted in America? Too many to count. Today, we are going to look at the Top Three Heists in America’s history, all Shocking True Crime Stories...

  1. United California Bank Robbery (March 24, 1972) - $30 Million

Amil and James Dinsio, along with a gang that included their nephews, brother-in-law, and two underworld associates, got away with a cool $30 million from United California Bank in Laguna Niguel, California.

The Dinsio brothers, professional criminals from Ohio, targeted that particular bank branch because of a rumor that President Nixon kept several million dollars in that bank.

The Dinsio brothers and their gang rented a townhouse in the neighborhood of the bank, as their headquarters. Then, they disarmed the bank’s alarm system and used dynamite to blast a hole in the roof of the bank’s safe deposit vault.

How’d they get caught? Couple of big mistakes. First, they used their real names to travel out west from Ohio. Then, after getting home, following the United California robbery, the brothers did the same thing to a bank in Ohio.

On top of that, they left fingerprints inside the dishwasher of the townhouse in California.

And, one more thing. They found a taxi driver, who for the price of a generous tip, was more than willing to talk about the robbery gang.

Everyone involved in the California robbery was arrested and most of the money was recovered.

2. Pierre Hotel, New York, New York (January 2, 1972) - $27 million

Samuel Nano and Robert Comfort stole $1 million each in cash and jewelry from the Sherry Netherlands Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Manhattan. Then, they set their sights on an even bigger target.

It turned out to be, at the time according to the Guinness World Record, “the most successful hotel robbery,” in history.

Halo and Comfort, with the help of a gang that included Robert “Bobby” Germaine and Alan Visconti from the Lucchese crime family in New York. Ali-Ben, a contract killer for the Turkish mafia, and his brother-in-law Al Green were also part of the gang. They were joined by Nick “The Cat” Sacco, and a freelance contract killer, Donald Frankos.

The robbery went off like clockwork. Oh, and they took 19 hostages, too.

But they got away with the money.

However, it’s also the story of live by the gun, die by the…

Name was killed by an unknown gunman in 1988. Comfort was assassinated by mafia bosses. Ali-Ben and Al Green fared better, they escaped to Europe, while “The Cat” was busted and imprisoned for another crime.

3. Dunbar Armored Robbery (September 12, 1997) - $18.9 Million

This was a classic “inside job.” A trusted Dunbar Armored trucking company employee, Allen Pace, who was employed as a safety inspector, orchestrated multimillion dollar heist.

Classic -- He recruited five old chums, friends since childhood, to help him. The six man gang stormed into the Dunbar plant at noon, when everyone else was relaxing, eating lunch. The gang assaulted two guards, while Pace ripped off the video devices recording the security cameras. Then, the six loaded $18.9 million into -- what else -- a U-Haul truck.

Now, many robberies go bad because the thieves don’t have a plan that includes anything but running from the scene of the heist.

Allen and his crew were smarter than that.

They started slowing laundering the stolen cash through phony businesses the gang established, along with buying and selling real estate.

Nice and easy, not greedy.

But, wouldn’t you know it? Someone couldn’t follow the plan.

One of the robbers gave some of the stolen money to a buddy. A loan. And he didn’t even take the cash out of its original wrappers.

Bonehead! Everyone knows that nice guy shit only goes so far. He went too far.

Cops found the hot cash, rounded up the gang and they were all given long prison sentences.

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