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They're Cannibals and They Castrate, Too -- A Shocking True Crime Story

(Bobby Lee and Thomas)

A 28-year-old man looking for gender reassignment surgery stumbled across a website offering free castrations, operated by “the EnuchMaker and the EM Crew."

Shady? Well, the price was right, at least right enough for this guy out of Virginia.

After registering to get into the program, the man flew from Virginia to Dallas, where he met 53-year-old Bobby Lee Allen and his 42-year-old husband, Thomas Evans Gates.

Bobby Lee and Thomas drove their new best friend to a small cabin in the woods of Oklahoma, where the 28-year-old who wanted nothing more than to become a woman, soon found himself naked, lying on a table.

While he was wide awake, apart from getting some injections near his genitals to deaden the pain, Bobby Lee and Thomas spent two hours slicing off the Virginian’s testicles.

After the surgery, the medical pair told their patient they were not actually doctors. NO? They were really cannibals ready to feast on his family jewels.

Have you done this before? The patient asked, looking up with a combination of wonder, surprise, and dread.

You bet, proclaimed Bobby Lee and Thomas. They excitedly related tales of doing the same to other guys for close to 15 years. In fact, they boasted that six more patients were on the way to their little cabin in the woods.

The next day — that is correct, the Virginian spent the night in the cabin — the patient/slash victim was bleeding so severely Bobby Lee, and Thomas rushed him to a local hospital.

That was a concession on their part. The pair had warned the man if there was a medical complication, there would be no ER nor morgue in his future.

They’d just dump his body in the woods.

But, thinking better of that, Bobby Lee and Thomas took their patient to a hospital with orders to tell the doctors that he’d cut off his own testicles — either by accident or on purpose, that was up to him.

Instead, the Virginian told the medical staff that he’d been set upon by two cannibals who’d invited him to dinner, only to find out his testicles would be the main course.


The LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office was called, deputies responded. After an interview with the Virginian, the deputies went out to the cannibal’s castration cabin.

Inside, the officers found the table and the medical instruments just as the now-trans man had described the scene.

But the most grizzly discovery of all came when the deputies opened a bedroom —that’s right, bedroom — freezer. Inside, they found a plastic bag containing testicles.

Now Bobby Lee —who tithes $267 a month to a group called the Oratory of Mystical Sacraments — and Thomas face a long list of felony and misdemeanor charges.

What does LeFlore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry think of this?

"I can't say it's cult activity," the sheriff told reporters. "It is something that we have never in my career run across in this part of the country. It is borderline some type of activity. ... We know there's a lot of rumors out there, but at this time, there's no danger to the public."

While awaiting trial in August 2021, Thomas wrote a letter to the judge in his case pleading with permission to just go home to his family in Texas. He promised to snitch out his husband, Bobby Lee, if only the judge would let him out.

Thomas and Bobby Lee both wound up with plea bargains.

Bobby Lee was sentenced on Aug. 31, 2021, to two consecutive one-year sentences for failure to bury a dead human and possession of dangers drugs without a prescription.

But that wasn’t his only punishment. Bobby Lee was also sentenced to a five year stretch in Oklahoma for distribution of a dangerous substance, a four-year sentence for practicing medicine and surgery without a license, and 13 months for conspiracy to commit surgery without a license.

Thomas was sentenced to three concurrent 334-day sentences for failure to bury a dead human and two counts of possession. With credit for time served, he was released from LeFlore County jail, in September 2021, and presumably went home to his family in Texas.

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