• Rod Kackley

...Then Nobody Can Have Her! A Shocking True Crime Story

Julie Marie DeLa Garza and her new boyfriend were driving along Northwest Freeway/290 In Harris County, Texas, October 18, 2020, when they spotted Julie’s ex-boyfriend, Mann Austin Hayes’ white Toyota. He was following them.

Julie, 20, and her new boyfriend sped up.

Hayes accelerated.

Finally, he got close enough to open fire.

A bullet blew out the back window, went through a headrest in the front seat, and then hit Julie in the face.

Julie’s boyfriend drove as fast as possible to an HCA Houston HR clinic as Hayes sped off.

Clinic doctors were able to get a pulse on Julie. She was flown to a nearby hospital, still alive, but just barely.

She died the next day.

Hayes was on the run for several days. Eventually, he went to an attorney’s office, and together they called the police. He surrendered on October 21 and was arraigned on a charge of murder.

Tragically, Julie’s sister, Christy Castro, told KTRK she and Julie were still mourning the death of their mother, who died of cancer two years ago.

“Just Saturday, [my sister] was telling me that Julie was still feeling lost without her mom,” her sister Christy Castro said.

Two days later, Christy learned that Julie had been killed.

“I just want justice for Julie,” Christy told Click2 Houston. “so my sister can rest in peace.”

Of course we need to add that Mann Austin Hayes is innocent until proven guilty.

Also from Texas… a pregnant woman, expecting her third child, has been found dead, wrapped in blue plastic, in her boyfriend’s kitchen freezer.

Police say 23-year-old Selena Ann Bradly had been missing for several days before being found in her boyfriend’s home in San Angelo, Texas.

At the time of this writing, police had not released the cause of death, but they said with bruises around her neck and face, Selena had obviously been attacked.

Before police searched his house, Oct. 21, William James Martinez told the officers he had “done something terrible,” that would put him in prison for the rest of his life.


One more thing. Martinez said the officers would find a body in his kitchen freezer.

But. of course, he is still innocent until proven guilty.

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