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The Valentine's Day Murder of John McGuire: A Shocking True Crime Story

Shocking True Crime Stories don't get much wilder than this.

Anna Marie Choudhary admits strangling her sister's boyfriend, John McGuire, in 2019. Still, she says her father, Larry Paul McClure Sr., told her to do it. Forced her to do the killing, in fact.

But wait. There's more.

John McGuire was smashed over the head with a wine bottle, injected with a batch of lousy meth that failed to crystalize, tortured, and only then, Anna choked the life out of him.

Three months later, Anna, of Boone, North Carolina, says her sister, Amanda, and father were married. Surprised? No. Turns out Amanda and daddy had had an incestuous relationship for a long time.

Oh. And did I forget to mention that McGuire was murdered on or about February 15, 2019? That's right — Valentine's Day.

Believe it or not, guilt got to Larry. He wrote a letter to West Virginia State Police to report the torture and murder of John McGuire. Troopers and a forensic team pulled John's body from a grave dug into the backyard of a home in Skygusty, West Virginia, on September 24 of that year.

Although Anna, during her sentencing hearing in January, said it was all her father's idea, Larry told state police detectives his daughter and future wife, Amanda, was the operation's ringleader.


"I cannot tell you why Amanda wanted John McGuire dead," Larry McClure wrote, then alleging that Amanda was spending McGuire's monthly Social Security checks.

"I am asking for this to be over and not waisting [sic} the taxpayers money and hurting the family members on both sides of this. John McGuires family and my family.

Anna pled guilty to a second-degree murder charge, January 28, 2021, and is looking at spending the next 40 years in prison. Same for her sister, Daddy's blushing bride, Amanda. She pled to second-degree too and will do 40 years in a prison cell.

As for Daddy Dearest, Larry Paul McClure Sr. of Pendleton, Kentucky, he'll do life in prison without parole on a charge of first-degree murder.

But as Larry wrote in his letter to the West Virginia State Police, there's no reason to feel sorry for him (as if you would)…

"All I can do is hope for mercy on this, but my sentence on this really does not matter because I am old and in bad health. I will never live to see the parole board in (15) years anyway and that is OK …

"I will say I am sorry for my part in this crime to both my family and John McGuire's family."

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