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The One Finger That Said It All. A Shocking True Crime Story

Yes, Kevin Johnson gave Maricopa, Arizona, police officers the finger, and it was all they needed.

Here's why: Kevin was pissed. Police say he got into a beef with a neighbor and did what seemed like a great idea at the time.

He slashed the neighbor's tires, according to the Casa Grande Dispatch.

The way the woman who owns the vandalized car tells the story, she and her husband were at another neighbor's house. Kevin barged in, all drunk and disorderly as the cops would put it in their report.

He was, perhaps, asked not so politely to leave.

Francesca Wikoff goes out to her car the next day and finds the tires slashed. She also discovers a bloody finger in the driveway.

Can you guess who belongs to that finger?

Even if you can't, all you have to do is follow the trail of blood that led from the finger in the driveway to Kevin in his home.

That's what Maricopa cops did, and they arrested Kevin for criminal damage, assault, treating, along with intimidating and disorderly conduct.

There is no word yet on whether doctors reattached Kevin's finger that must have been sliced off during the tire slashing.

A woman accepts a ride from a truck driver in Pennsylvania, a teenager hops into a blue Chevy pickup truck for a ride home from school on a hot day in North Carolina, while in Denver, a woman and her boyfriend take their new dog for a walk.

These three innocent decisions prove fatal.

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