• Rod Kackley

The Mob and the Pandemic: A Shocking True Crime Story

Our world is silent today as most of us shelter in place against the virus that’s changing the world, COVID-19. It’s no different for the world’s gangsters, according to the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime. As with the rest of the world, nothing is written in stone yet, but The GI-TOC report released March 26 says: “What seems clear, however, is that the pandemic has reduced some organized-criminal activities while simultaneously providing opportunities for new ones, and these changes in the organized-criminal economy could have long-term consequences.” As police and military officials are faced with potentially controlling chaotic conditions brought on by the pandemic that has already killed thousands of people, the report warns: 1.Vulnerable groups, who are at risk of criminal exploration or are reliant on illegal goods and services, may be among those most at risk as the result of organized crime taking advantage of the pandemic. 2.Coronavirus is rapidly reshaping institutions, which raises issues of governmental overstretch, legitimacy, and effective oversight. 3. The possibility of social disorder, and the emergence of criminal groups as suppliers and ‘partners’ of the state in maintaining order. The GI-TOC report shows that in Rio de Janeiro, criminals are enforcing a nightly curfew. Indeed, one gang, the Red Command, is promising to punish anyone who seen out too late at night. As a result, mobsters are already forging a kind of social legitimacy, filling a void left open by Brazil’s government. In Italy, the Mafia was able to take control of the ambulance and medical supply industries. Other mobsters around the world are already adapting to the changing times. For instance in Switzerland, crooks are pretending to be government employees disinfecting homes and businesses. Instead they loot the properties of anything they can carry away. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy being a gangster these days. The GI-TOC report also shows the cancellation of collegiate and professional sports because of the pandemic is slamming the mob’s cash flow in the USA.

She needed money. He wanted sex. Craigslist brought them together. Brooke was willing to do anything to keep her family together, even trading sex for cash. That’s why she hooked up with “Hard Mike” on Craigslist. It was a fatal mistake.

She Deserved Better: A Shocking True Crime Story of a Craigslist Killer

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