• Rod Kackley

The Kansas City Butcher: A Shocking True Crime Story

Bob Berdella was one of those killers lurking in plain sight.

The former set student and chef who lived near Kansas City, Missouri’s Hyde Park, ran a curio shop, aptly named “Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre.”

Lots of people liked Bob, especially the male prostitutes he patronized, until, that is, Bob started killing them.

Nobody knows what flipped Bob’s switch and turned him into a mad serial killer who came to be known and “The Kansas City Butcher” and “The Collector.”

But somewhere along the way, this friendly yet unusual guy started murdering people.

His first victim, Jerry Howell, died in 1984 after Bob drugged him, sodomized him, and then choked him to death.

Bob chopped up Jerry’s body, dumped the parts and pieces in a plastic bag, and left it on the curb for the garbage man to cart away.

Robert Sheldon was the second to die and the first to be blinded with drain cleaner before he was killed. That was in the spring of 1985. After Bob killed Robert, he cut off his victim’s head and buried it in the backyard.

Mark Wallace was the next to die. He was killed in the summer of ’85. Then in the fall, James Ferris fell victim to Bob.

Todd Stoops was a 23-year-old male prostitute when Bob picked him up and tortured him for weeks before Todd died of blood loss.

Two years later, Larry Pearson fell victim to Bob. He was tortured for six long weeks. Finally, Bob put a plastic bag over Larry’s head and suffocated the guy. Like the others, Bob chopped up Larry’s body. Most of the corpse was left at the curb for a garbage truck.

Bob took Larry’s head to the backyard, buried it, and unearthed Robert Sheldon’s skull, which Bob carried into his house and set up on display.

Chris Bryson, a 22-year-old male prostitute, was Bob’s next house guest.

Bob tortured him for days after smashing Chris over the head and drugging him. But one day, when Bob left to open up his shop, Chris found a match and burned through his ropes. Then, naked, except for a dog collar around his neck, Chris jumped out a second-story window and ran.

A meter man found Chris, called police, and the rest is serial-killer history.

Bob made it easy for the cops. Inside his home, they discovered two skulls, human teeth, and vertebrae. As if that wasn’t enough, police also found photographs, syringes, and even notebooks in which Bob had detailed how he’s tortured and kill his victims.

After he was arrested, Bob was hardly shy. He agreed to a full confession in exchange for a life prison sentence instead of capital punishment.

Bob suffered a heart attack and died in prison in October 1992.

The mother of one of his victims said, “the guy didn’t suffer long enough.”

Love & Murder

A successful young mother, Kelsey Berreth, vanishes on Thanksgiving Day 2018. The FBI is afraid they’ll have to do a deal with the devil to find her.

Kelsey, a pilot so good she taught the military how to fly, goes shopping at a Safeway store and simply disappears.

Her fiance, Patrick Frazee, says he doesn’t have a clue. In fact, he says they broke up just a few days before. He’s as mystified as everyone else.

But Kelsey’s mother, Cheryl, is afraid she knows what happened to her daughter.

A task force of agents from the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation believe they also know what happened to Kelsey. They have cell phone records and more, including surveillance video and DNA. But they have run into a roadblock.

The agents have to get someone close to the killer to flip and turn state’s evidence.

Are they going to have to do a deal with the devil to find justice for Kelsey Berreth?


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