• Rod Kackley

The Devil Made Him Do It: A Shocking True Crime Story of Mass Murder

"With no warning or reason, a complete stranger shot our Abbie and seven other people at random. When her father and I arrived at Abbie's side in the hospital, blood was pouring from our 14-year-old daughter's head, and the doctors told us to say our goodbyes. Moments later, Abbie flat-lined. Doctors worked frantically to save her, but ultimately, nothing could be done. They announced the time and left us with our baby."

"I laid my head on my daughter's chest, and I thought I heard a heartbeat. I asked the nurse to check her, and that's when they felt a pulse. She was back. Now the question was, is her mind still working?"

—-Vicki Kopf (Abbie's mother)

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