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Teenage Killer Gets 7 Years! Shocking True Crime Story!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Andrew Vineyard wanted to watch TV. His father turned Andrew down. And, the boy snapped. The Oregon teenager is from McMinnville, Oregon, at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Yamhill River. Andrew lived with his father, his father’s girlfriend, forty-three-year-old Kimberly Forness, and his dad’s buddy, Ron Spiker, 37 miles outside of Portland and 26 miles from Salem. Andrew’s a troubled kid. His mind had been reeling with images of sexual violence for the past seven years since he was about six-years-old. In the past month, fifteen-year-old Andrew’s fantasies had grown darker. One of his favorite scenarios now involved being a group of people with a shovel. When Andrew’s request to turn on the TV was rejected, the pressure building up inside him since he was six-years-old exploded. He stormed outside, got a box-cutter, ran back into the house, jumped on Kimberly, and slit her throat. She put both hands over the five-inch horizontal gash and ran. Rather than running out of the house, Kimberly ran to her bedroom. She slammed the door shut, and with blood gushing out of her neck tried to call 911. Andrew was too fast for her. Carrying two baseball bats, he kicked the bedroom door open and starting beating Kimberly. He smashed the bats down on her head, her hands, her arms, and her knees. Eventually, Andrew killed Kimberly. It was a long, slow, and violent death. However, Andrew wasn’t finished. He began whipping Kimberly’s lifeless body with a belt. Then, he tore off her clothing and sexually abused the corpse. Finally, he’d had enough. Andrew grabbed some bleach, cleaned up the bedroom, and the living room where he’d attacked Kimberly with bleach. Then, he went into the bathroom, filled the tub, and took a bath. Satisfied he was clean, Andrew got out of the bath. He dried off and went to the kitchen, where he made a cup of tea and did what he wanted to do a few hours ago. Andrew clicked on the television to watch a music video. He kicked back with the tea listening to Korn perform, “Freak on a Leash.” Tea finished, Andrew got back to work. He got a 380 Ruger and went back to the bedroom, where Kimberly’s body lay on the blood-soaked floor. After firing a few shots for practice into a mattress, Andrew went back downstairs. When his father’s friend, Ron, came home from work, Andrew met him, said, “Hi, Ron,” and pumped bullets into his face and hip. Ron was able to run out of the house. Andrew didn’t go after him. Instead, he rode his bike to the Yamhill County Courthouse. There, he borrowed the phone of a court security staffer, called 911, and told the dispatcher what he’d done. Cops showed up, put cuffs on Andrew, and loaded him into a squad car. Riding in the back seat, Andrew heard on the radio that a crime team and medics were going into his house. “Well, they’re going to have fun,” he said. The wheels of justice spun slowly after that. Nearly three years later, now 18, Andrew stood before a judge on April 20,2020. He’d pled guilty to second-degree murder in the killing of Kimberly, and attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of Ron. But, because of the case going to juvenile court, Andrew was sentenced to only seven years in juvenile custody. Andrew will be a free man when he’s 25.

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