• Rod Kackley

She Stopped Loving Him Today, A Shocking True Crime Story

It was the couple’s television that persuaded Marc Audette that Sandra Cornfield was the devil and utterly evil. Don’t take it from me. That is what Marc told the police in Mashpee, Massachusetts. He called to say he’d hit the 53-year-old woman over the head. And Marc said he smashed her head again, and again, and again, with one of his dumbbells. “I hurt my girlfriend” by hitting her over the head “a lot,” Marc said in the 911 call. Marc’s been medicated for a while but was off his meds when the TV started talking to him. After he’d killed Sandra, Marc stabbed himself in the stomach with a sword after trying to slice his own throat. Then he called the cops. Police did find a dumbbell in the home with reddish-brown stains. Marc faces one charge of murder, to which he has pled not guilty. Oh, one more thing. Sandra’s last words to Marc as he was beating her brains in, “I love you.”

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