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Serve the Heart with Fried Potatoes: A Shocking True Crime Story

Maybe Leon Pye was worried when he heard a knock at the door of his Chickasha, Oklahoma, home.

"Who's that?" Leon probably said to his wife, Delsei.

She might have shrugged and held their granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, a bit tighter, a little closer.

After all, nobody got many unexpected visitors these days, what, with the pandemic and its lockdowns. Everybody stayed closed to their knitting.

But, still, it would be worse than impolite to just leave whoever was out there, out there. So, Leon slowly opened the door.

And he had to be shocked when he realized who'd come knocking.

It was none other than his forty-two-year-old nephew, Lawrence Paul Anderson.

"Lawrence, how'd you get out of prison?"

Last Leon had heard, Lawrence was doing a twenty-year sentence for a drug conviction and other related crimes. No surprise to anyone who'd taken the time to read Lawrence's rap sheet. And then there were Lawrence's mental health problems.

Leon looked back over his shoulder at Delsei. Both of them just smelled trouble brewing.

After all, how the hell could Lawrence be standing on their porch? Wasn't the system supposed to tell the Pye's when Lawrence got out, so they'd be ready for the trouble that just naturally came with somebody who naturally got into trouble?

Well, nobody had bothered to tell Leon and Delsei anything.

Leon would have raised his eyebrows, at once asking Delsei what he should do and then inquiring if it would be okay to slam the door and send his nephew away.

The answers to both the former and the latter were obvious.

Still, it wasn't an easy decision to allow Lawrence inside.

Leon had half a mind to close the door in Lawrence's face and leave him out on the porch. But Lawrence was family, and anyone who knew the man's history would know that he wouldn't take that kind of insult very well at all.

So Leon decided to welcome Lawrence inside. He reached out to shake his hand and only then noticed what Lawrence was carrying.

God only knew how he came by it, but it didn't take a doctor to realize that Lawrence was carrying a human heart that was dripping blood, and God knows what else on the porch.

Lawrence pushed by Leon and went right to the kitchen. Dropped the heart in a pot, Lawrence did, then pulled out a pan. He sliced up some potatoes, threw some oil into the pan, and fried up some potatoes.

In the pot, he cooked the human heart.

When it was finished, Lawrence told Leon, Delsei, and four-year-old Kaeos it was time to eat.

"Absolutely not," Leon probably said as forcefully as possible. He would have pointed at the meal, at the boiled heart, and said, "There's no way we are going to sit down at the table with this."

The child had to be scared out of her mind, clinging to Delsei.

"You will eat this,' Lawrence demanded. "It's the only way to release the demons!"

He'd brought a sharp carving knife with him from the kitchen.

Not long after dinner was served, a 911 dispatcher answered a call for help from the Pye family home. The caller only said someone needed help, then ended the conversation with a click.

Police responded, of course, and went inside Leon's house. There, they found a home bathed in blood.

Leon and little Kaeos were down on the floor. Both would soon die. Delsei was grievously injured. Stabbed in both eyes.

She'd survive.

Lawrence was arrested and charged with a triple-homicide. Simple math. Leon and Kaeos were dead, as was Leon's next-door neighbor, Andrea Lynn Blankenship.

Turns out Lawrence had bashed his way into her house, using his shoulder as a battering ram on the frightened woman's front door.

Once inside, he didn't waste a moment. Lawrence grabbed a knife, used it to slice into her chest. Then he ripped her rib cage apart and cut out Andrea's heart.

Police found her body after Lawrence explained what had happened.

During his video arraignment, Feb. 23, 2021, Lawrence pleaded with Judge Regina Lowe, "Oh God, I don't want no bail, your honor. I don't want no bail."

Well, he got what he wanted. No bail.

Lawrence is awaiting trial now, as this story was written.

As for the question of how Lawrence got out of prison, well, it turns out it was a legal escape. A judge commuted his sentence.

Plenty of people in Oklahoma were outraged by that, including Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks.

"We have seen 'criminal justice reform' in the state of Oklahoma now for several years," Hicks told reporters after filing charges against Lawrence.

"We have put politics and releasing inmates in front of public safety. The goal that we have set in Oklahoma is to decrease the prison population with no thought for public safety," Hicks added.

"And that's not fair."

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