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Serial Killers Terrorize Sunset Strip: A Shocking True Crime Story

The story of two serial killers who terrified L.A.'s Sunset Strip, is one of the most shocking true crime stories you've ever read.

During one of the hottest, bloodiest summers on record in Los Angeles, Carol Bundy and Doug Clark became known as the Sunset Strip Killers, the Sunset Strip Slayers, and the Hollywood Slashers.

Carol was sexually abused as a child by her father after her mother died. After her father remarried, Carol lived in foster homes. She married three times — the first time at the age of 17 to a 56-year-old man.

After her third marriage, she began an affair with a local country singer, Jack Murray. It was at a country bar listening to him sing that she met Doug Clark.

Doug was the son of a retired Navy admiral turned international engineer and lived in 37 countries before settling in Southern California.

After Doug left the Air Force in the late 1960s, he drifted, working as a mechanic, and concentrating on a “vocation as a sexual athlete” and being “King of the One-Night Stands,” as he liked to call himself.

He ran into Carol Bundy at a country bar called Little Nashville in North Hollywood and soon moved in with her.

They began killing prostitutes in June 1980.

Here's an excerpt from Sexual Killing: A Shocking True Crime Story

Chapter Two

Three days later, Doug kills again. He is out driving alone and meets two hookers on the Strip. He pays one of them, a twenty-year-old hooker, Exxie Wilson, to get into the car and have oral sex.

They park. Exxie goes down on Doug, and he shoots her in the head.

It was as straightforward and easy as that, or so Doug thought.


Exxie's body reacts violently to the invasion of a bullet snatching its life away. The girl's mouth clamps down on Doug’s penis. She bites him and won’t let go.

Wrapped in excruciating pain, sweating profusely and drooling like a rabid dog, Doug shoots her in the head again. Exxie still doesn't go easy, but finally, her healthy, white teeth relax their grip on Doug's bloody penis.

Doug squeezes his eyes shut, slows his breathing and collects himself as the pain slowly eases.

Doug is enraged.

He throws Exxie's body out of the car and takes a hunting knife out of his glove box. After stripping the dead girl naked and raping the corpse, he sits astride the body and cuts off Exxie’s head.

Now, this is a triumphant moment, he thinks.

"COUP DE FOUDRE!" Doug shouts the French expression for thunderbolt or lightning, thinking of the phrase in its colloquial meaning, "love at first sight."

Doug was enraged, now he is thrilled.

He sits on the grass outside his car and smokes a cigarette before he gets to the task at hand -- disposing of Exxie Wilson.

Doug stubs out his cigarette and puts Exxie's head in a gym bag that was on the floor of the back seat. With Exxie’s headless, naked body on the floor of the passenger seat, Doug heads back to the Strip, drives into an alley, finds a dumpster and throws the body into it.

He almost tosses Exxie's head in after the rest of her, but rather than waste a good gym bag and an excellent trophy, Doug decides to take it with him.

Doug can hardly wait to go home and tell Carol about his conquest, but first, he has one problem to deal with -- a witness.

So, he drives down the Strip and finds Exxie’s friend, Karen Jones. He tells her Exxie is waiting for them at a motel. Doug says he wants a threesome, Exxie is willing, and he has the money.

Karen gets in the car. She and Doug drive off.

Doug goes back to the remote area where he killed Exxie and slips Karen a twenty-dollar-bill to go down on him before they get to the motel.

While Karen's earning that twenty, Doug shoots her in the head.

This time his victim goes quietly. Doug learned from his mistake with Exxie. He presses his gun against the back of Karen's skull so he can shoot where her spine goes into her head. The bullet not only extinguishes Karen's life, but it also switches off all of her body's involuntary nerve functions.

Now, that was quick and peaceful, Doug thinks.

But instead of bagging Karen's head and taking it with him like he did with Exxie's, Doug drags Karen’s body into some brush and leaves it.

What a day! He is relishing a job well done.

As soon as Doug gets to Carol’s apartment, he takes Exxie’s head out of the bag, shows it to Carol and then has sex with the skull before putting it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

By this time, Doug’s too spent to have sex with Carol, so he just goes to bed.

Carol is repulsed and fascinated by the head in her freezer. She takes it into the bathroom, sets Exxie’s head on the sink, then slips into her bedroom to get her makeup kit. Carol has decided to make Exxie’s head prettier for Doug.

She thinks it will be a pleasant surprise for Doug when he wakes up.

Carol is turned on by this new sex game.

Doug wakes up before she finishes, but that is okay.

Doug gets into the spirit of the game immediately and tells Carol what he wants.

"Make her look like Barbie," he says

Carol does her best to make Exxie’s severed head look like a big Barbie doll. When Doug is satisfied with the new look on Exxie’s face, he slides his penis into the head’s mouth and has necrophilic oral sex with his trophy.

Carol and Doug keep playing with Exxie's head for three days.

Make-up and sex. Sex and make-up.

Finally, Doug tires of having sex with a severed, cold head, and they take it out of the freezer.

It is time to dispose of the evidence.

First, Carol goes shopping.

She needs to buy a wooden chest. Carol decides it should be something unusual, something big enough to store the head of Exxie Wilson.

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