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Russian Murders? Suicides? Shocking True Crime Stories?

A Russian millionaire is found dead, hanging from a ceiling at a posh villa in Lloret de Mar near Barcelona, Spain. The 55-year-old's wife and daughter are also discovered dead inside the estate over the Easter weekend. Both had been stabbed to death.

Did Sergei Protosenya, who worked as the chief accountant for the Russian gas giant, Novatek, kill his wife and daughter, then hang himself? Or is this a triple murder?

Investigators are examining both possibilities according to a story on the Spanish news site, Telecino.

They believe the Protosenya family —worth close to 400 million euros, was murdered on April 19.

But wait. There's more to this mystery.

About 24 hours before Sergei, his wife, and his daughter were found dead, police discovered the corpses of another wealthy Russian family.

The bodies of a former vice president of Russia's Gazprombank, Vladislav Avayev, his wife, and his 13-year-old daughter were found in the family's Moscow apartment on April 18. Vladislav was shot to death, as were his wife and daughter.

Moscow detectives are fairly certain Vladislav killed his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself. There were no signs that anyone broke into the apartment. On top of that, Vladislav was still holding the gun when police discovered the bodies.

So it seems to be a double-murder/suicide. But still, police continue to investigate. While some neighbors say the Avayev family was known for loud arguments, others don't believe Vladislav could have killed his family and himself.

How about one more mysterious Russian death that could be suicide or murder?

The Daily Beast reports that the body of 61-year-old Alexander Tyulyakov was found hanging in a town outside St. Petersburg back in February. He, like Avayev, was a big shot at Gasprom.

Suicide or murder?

Don't know yet, and maybe, we never will.

Gazprom's security forces took over the investigation from the local police. And they haven't said another word about the case.

Murders and suicides, or simply murders?

Why are all the cases closely related to Russia's gigantic natural gas industry?

What do you think?

Friends don't kill friends? Do they?

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