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Revenge Served Bloody: A Shocking True Crime Story

The story begins on August 1, 2018.

After spending the day working on a rental property he owned, along with two high school students, Thomas Shock, a retired podiatrist, relaxed on his home's back deck. His wife, Nancy, was with him but decided to go upstairs to bed.

She turned on a fan and fell asleep after listening to one of her favorite podcasts.

While Nancy slept, three men approached Thomas. He ran for his life from the backyard to his home's front door. Before he could get inside, shots rang out.

Two bullets hit his upper right arm. Another struck Thomas in his upper right chest, one of the gunshots went through his hand.

Lodi, California, police officers called by a neighbor who heard the gunfire found Thomas lying at his home's front doorway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

There were no witnesses. Nancy hadn't heard a thing, and the neighbor who called 911 could only say he'd seen a light-colored station wagon, without its headlights on, driving away from the Shock home.

Detectives immediately searched the house, the property, and the neighborhood for evidence. Still, they didn't find anything that would lead them to the person who'd snuffed out Thomas Shock's life.

Except for one thing: officers discovered a single page of a California Medical Board document lying in the doorway next to Shock's body. Police believed the note had something to do with the murder.

They were correct.

The document concerned the case of a patient identified only as "B.L."

A forensic search of computer records led police to a guy named Robert Elmo Lee, whose wife, Bonnie Lee, passed away a few years before, in 2016.

Robert's wife, Bonnie, had been one of Dr. Shock's patients. He treated her for an ingrown toenail, something went wrong, and she wound up having half of her foot amputated.

She died in 2016 from an infection, and Robert blamed Shock for her death. Detectives had their motive.

Robert Elmo Lee, 83, was found guilty March 24, 2022, of first-degree murder with special circumstances for financial gain in the shooting death of Dr. Thomas Shock.

Prosecutors made the case that Lee orchestrated Shock's murder, hiring three other men to help him do away with the podiatrist that Robert blamed for Bonnie's death.

With the jury's verdict, the case was wrapped up.

Co-defendant Mallory Stewart pled guilty to murder in the first degree with a weapons enhancement for his role as the shooter.

Christopher Costello was found guilty of participating in the murder-for-hire scheme a year ago. Another co-defendant Raymond Jacquett IV, 29, was sentenced in December 2019 for the crime.

Lee and Mallory Stewart return to court before the Honorable Judge Lauren P. Thomasson for sentencing on May 16, 2022. 

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