• Rod Kackley

New Shocking True Crime Story: The Murder of Grace Millane

Love shouldn’t hurt!

A young woman sets off on a yearlong, around the world, backpacking trip. Six weeks into the adventure of a lifetime, she meets the wrong guy, at the wrong time.

Their night of sex games ends in death.

What follows is a tragic story that captivates the attention of people battling violence against women in two nations as the killer’s attorneys make a controversial case for their client; The 50 Shades of Grey Defense.

The Murder of Grace Millane : A Shocking True Crime Story is a gripping,thrilling, and heartbreaking, tale that asks one of the most significant questions of this commercially sexualized era:

Can a woman consent to her own death?

Going to hookup online tonight? Read this book first!

The Murder of Grace Millane: A Shocking True Crime Story is available wherever you buy books. Click here and start reading ASAP!

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