• Rod Kackley

New! Empty Minute: A Murder Mystery

Power. Corrupts. Absolutely. Big Bill Coleman, one of Kentucky's political icons, is shot to death. The cops are all over the case, but they haven't been able to solve this murder mystery. Big Bill's mistress thinks private investigator Ron Delaney could do a better job. So, with her $25,000 check in his pocket, Ron goes to work. He recruits his best friend, Casey, to join him, along with his secretary, Ginny. They set off on a wild chase from Lexington, Kentucky, to the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, to find out who killed Big Bill. A local TV reporter, Linda Sue O'Neil, invites herself along on the journey. She joins Ron and his team as they discover the politician's murder was more than just a simple killing. Ron and the team uncover a second crime that nobody can believe. They run headlong into an organized crime network and an ex-Soviet general who's running a family in the Russian Mafia. Ron and Casey are combat veterans. They served in Vietnam together. And, it turns out that Linda Sue's been sleeping with the old Russian for years. So this should be a cakewalk, right? Wrong. Just when Ron thinks he has this all figured out, Ginny's kidnapped. Abducted from right under their noses. Next thing they know, Ron, Casey, and Linda Sue are locked into a shootout with a power-crazed homicidal maniac from Moscow. Ron knows who killed Big Bill. But suddenly he's got a more important mission: save Ginny, and the lives of his team. Nobody on either side is willing to negotiate. Surrender is not an option. The final battle to walk away alive will all come down to the most unexpected diversionary tactic ever seen in the Motor City. Empty Minute is a hard-boiled murder mystery — a crime action thriller about a private investigator and his quest for the truth — no matter how much it hurts.

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