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Murder Is Best Served Bloody, New from Rod Kackley

Updated: Mar 11


Henry Branson's Great American Dream has turned into a nightmare. Henry's decided it is not his fault. He did his best.

Now, the people who ruined his dream are going to pay.

Henry believes in the American Dream and knows he can prove to his father and the young millennials who laugh at him just how good he is by starting his own software company.

He’ll show those bastards what he can do.

A great plan. But it all goes south.

Henry’s American Dream turns into a nightmare. It pushes Henry beyond the edge of criminal insanity. So he decides to ratchet up the revenge.

Starting his own company didn’t work. Making them cry will be better. He starts with their families, their wives, and children.

What should be a feel-good story of an entrepreneur and his American dream, turns into a crime and suspense story, noir pulp fiction for the twenty-first-century.

Murder is Best Served Bloody is a tale of criminal revenge in its highest form; blood-soaked mass murder inflicted on those who have done Henry wrong.

Henry decides there has to be pain. There has to be blood. There has to be tears.

Henry has never thought of himself as a killer, a homicidal maniac, nor a criminally insane, psychological basket case.

Yet, maybe he is, and always has been a psychopath, someone born to kill, just a bad person.

So, Henry lets his criminal insanity run wild in this gory, violent tale that was sadly inspired by thousands of true stories.

Will anyone able to stop this everyday man turned lunatic?

Murder Is Best Served Bloody is violent, gritty, forceful tale that you’ll never forget.

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