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Military Murders: Fort Hood Investigation

Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen will be laid to rest, Friday. At the same time, a unique team of U.S. Army investigators wants to figure out what the heck is going on at Fort Hood, Texas.

Vanessa, who was stationed at Fort Hood, had been missing since' April when her remains were discovered in July. A fellow soldier who killed her before dismembering and burying her body committed suicide a week before Vanessa's body was recovered about twenty miles east of Fort Hood.

A twenty-two-year-old civilian, Cecily Aguilar, who lived near Fort Hood, admitted helping Aaron David Robinson hide Vanessa's body after the murder.

That's one case solved. But the U.S. Army admits Vanessa's horrific murder is only one of nine cases of soldiers being found dead near Fort Hood under investigation.

At least half of the nine deaths may involve foul play.

Indeed, while the Army was searching for Vanessa, they stumbled across the body of another Fort Hood soldier, Wendel Morales. Listed as AWOL for ten months, Wendel's remains were found near the Army base in Texas.

That's not the end of the story. Two soldiers based at Fort Hood were arrested on August 10 by local police. Officials say the soldiers were connected with a prostitution ring.

So what the heck is going on at Fort Hood?

"The numbers are high here," Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters in a press conference. "They are the highest and most cases for sexual assault and harassment and murders for our entire formation, U.S. Army."

McCarthy promised they would "put every resource" the Army had into "fixing these problems."

Right. While the Army's figuring that out, the Guillen family will lay Vanessa to rest Saturday, following a public memorial on Friday.

Vanessa's sister, Mayra, told CBS News that the days ahead would be the hardest the family has ever had to endure.

But they will do what has to be done.

"We're going to be with her and not the way that we want to be, but, you know, at least we're going to give her proper respect," said Mayra, "and that way she could rest in peace finally, after this long journey,"

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