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Medieval Sex Cult Crossbow Killings

Torsten Weiss who is believed to be the Goth guru of a bizarre medieval sex cult in Germany -- and two women who were thought to be under his control -- was found dead last weekend in a Bavarian bed-and-breakfast.

Police say all three were impaled in their skulls and necks with crossbow arrows.

Weiss and one of the women, 33-year-old Kerstin Enders, were found lying in their own blood on a bed in the second-floor-triple bed-and-breakfast room.

Lying on the floor in front of them, also dead and bloody, was another woman, 30-year-old Farina Caspari. Police think Caspari murdered Weiss and Enders -- on Weiss' instructions -- then turned the crossbow on herself.

Police went into the computers used by all three, tracked down other leads, and discovered two more bodies at different locations. Both were women, and both were thought to be part of Weiss' cult.

Neighbors told the police all four women were under Weiss' hypnotic control and engaged in extreme sex acts, including BDSM.

At least, they said, that's what it sounded like through the thin apartment walls separating their apartments from the sex den.

The investigation continues.

Prosecutor Walter Feiler said that all the police know for sure is that "we have five dead. That much is clear. Everything else is in doubt."

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