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Manhattan Power Saw Murder Mystery Solved! A Shocking True Crime Story

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh's sister rode the elevator to his luxury Manhattan apartment Tuesday for a visit. Minutes later, she punched the down button and ran into the lobby, screaming.

The poor woman found her brother's dismembered body on the living room floor. His head, arms, and legs were all missing. As she screamed, Fahim's sister tripped first over her brother's bloody torso, and then she stumbled over a power saw still plugged into a wall outlet.

Yeah. That was the saw used to slice and dice the millionaire technopreneur.

Even in New York, the slaughter of Fahim Saleh went down as an especially gruesome homicide. His butchered body was found a few days ago.

Fahim's assistant, a guy by the name of Tyrese Haspil, has been arrested and is accused of the crime.

A law enforcement source told the Daily Beast detectives zeroed in on Tyrese immediately because Fahim had accused the 21-year-old of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from him.

This helped narrow the suspect list down to one. The cops checked their suspect's credit cards and discovered he'd used them to buy the power saw used to cut up Fahim and the cleaning supplies the killer used to swab down the crime scene.

And get this! Tyrese even used his cards to pay for rides to and from the Manhattan penthouse suite where Fahim drew his last breath.

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