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'Kit Kat' Killer Convicted, Proclaims Innocence; A Shocking True Crime Story

Circuit Court Judge William H. Bostick III sentenced William Jeffery "Jeff" West to 16 years in an Alabama prison for manslaughter. But, West is going to jail, proclaiming his innocence.

Jeff was sentenced February 8, 2021, after being convicted November 2020 following a four-day trial.

The Shelby County District Attorney's Office presented evidence at the trial that showed Jeff killed his wife, Kathleen Dawn West. She was a popular cam-girl performer known to her fans as "Kit Kat West."

Police and prosecutors said Jeff killed Kathleen by smashing a liquor bottle over her head.

The woman's half-naked body was found in the street outside the couple's home early on the morning of January 13, 2018. Of course, he called 911. When police arrived, they were told Jeff was furiously pacing back and forth in his house with the front door wide open. Surprising, the neighbors said, because the outside temperature was well below freezing.

However, up until his sentencing day, Jeff said he was not guilty of killing his wife. In fact, his attorneys argued the military veteran was nowhere near Kathleen when she died.

They showed evidence that her blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit. They said Kathleen got drunk, fell, and hit her head.

Prosecutors argued vehemently during the week-long trial that Jeff should be sent to prison for murder. Still, the jury returned with a manslaughter conviction.

In his closing argument, Assistant DA Ben Fuller pointed out that a blood trail at the scene showed Kathleen's body had been moved, dragged along the ground.

Fuller also said, "He (Jeff) bears responsibility from start to finish here, and he just patently refuses to accept that responsibility,"

Jeff's mother, Sue, testified as a character witness for the defense.

"I need my child; Logan (Kathleen's daughter) needs her father," Sue said. "We need this to stop. This has been three years of terror and horror."

However, jurors may have been most influenced by Kathleen's mother, Nancy Martin. She testified that her son-in-law is a good man and was, in fact, innocent.

She said, "We've lost a daughter, Logan West lost her mother, and she does not need to lose her father."

As this was written, Jeff's attorneys had not made any decisions about appealing his conviction or sentence.

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