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Killer Promises: I'll Pee on His Grave! A Shocking True Crime Story

When EMS paramedics showed up at the Ozark, Missouri home that Larry L. Shaw shared with Kenneth Barnes, they found Larry — who could model for one of those scary old-man Halloween masks — waving a gun around and telling anyone who’d listen how he shot and killed his roommate.

Larry, who’s 88, never showed a bit of remorse for killing Kenneth and actually told Ozark police he was “kind of tickled when I shot him.”

Absolutely no regrets, said Larry. “I was glad he was dead.”

The way Larry told the story, he stuffed a handgun in between the cushions of a recliner and waited for three hours for his 52-year-old roomie to come upstairs.

As soon as Kenneth walked up the stairs inside the house on North 31st Street, May 19, 2021, Larry said he pulled out the gun and opened fire.

He shot Kenneth once in the chest, and that was enough.

Why’d Larry do it?

He told an Ozark detective he’d been thinking about killing Richard for years because he called him all kinds of ugly, vulgar names.

Finally, Kenneth told him to do some chores, and Larry snapped.

“I was tired of being mistreated,” said Larry.

Not to put too fine a point on Larry’s murderous glee, he also told police that he’d be glad to urinate on Kenneth’s grave.

Larry is just at the beginning of his travels through the justice system, and as we all know, is innocent until proven guilty.

A woman accepts a ride from a truck driver in Pennsylvania, a teenager hops into a blue Chevy pickup truck for a ride home from school on a hot day in North Carolina, while in Denver, a woman and her boyfriend take their new dog for a walk.

These three innocent decisions prove fatal.

Murder’s Always Murder.

And that’s just the first of more than 60 Shocking True Crime Stories waiting for true crime aficionados like you.

Murder's Always Murder: Shocking True Crime Stories.

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