• Rod Kackley

Kill Mama! She'll Thank Me in Heaven, A Shocking True Crime Story

Charles Trumble, 59, is lying on the floor next to the bloody body of his dead mother when Portage, Indiana police come crashing through the front door of the 91-year-old woman's home.

Next to the woman's body is a short-handled sledgehammer.

Charles has done a terrible thing.

The woman's head had been smashed in with that sledgehammer. Dixie Trumble's head is resting on a small towel that's soaked with red blood.

Charles did it, there's no question about it. You see, Charles called 911 himself, February 23, to report that he'd swung a sledgehammer down on his mama, killing her dead.

And to make sure there were no misunderstandings, Charles waives his rights. He tells police he killed her because Dixie was a "distinguished woman." He didn't want his mother to learn about his other" awful" crimes.

"I am about to be in trouble for some really bad stuff, and I killed her so she wouldn't be exposed to it," Charles says.


Grant finally has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him more than anything or anyone. So begins an incredibly shocking true crime story. Is it also a love story? Yes. As far as Grant’s concerned it’s a true love story.

Nobody understands what he and Silvie have, least off all, Grant’s family. They think he’s just addicted to a fantasy and needs psychological help.

Then the cops come knocking on the door of his hotel room with crushing news.

His mother, father, and brother are dead; murdered in their home.

With that, Grant’s life is shot to hell.

However, his love for Silvie will never die.

Porn Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story will captivate you from the first page. If you love to get into the heads of killers and the hearts of those who survive, you’ll be as hooked on this true crime story as Grant was on Silvie.

Porn Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story is available wherever you buy books including Rod Kackley's Crime Stories Bookstore.

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