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Kill Her. Bury Her. Forget Her. A Shocking True Crime Story

The first time he saw her, they were in high school together. The last time he saw her, she was dead.

Quake Lewellyn, a twenty-eight-year-old stepfather of three, is working. He is driving alongside a farm in Arkansas, checking wells and rice fields. Then, along comes Sydney Sutherland, a twenty-five-year-old woman walking down the same gravel road.

Quake passes her, turns his truck around, and drives back toward her. But because of a cloud of dust kicked up by his vehicle, he can’t see Sydney and hits the woman.

Quake goes out of his mind, absolutely out of his mind, when he realizes what’s happened.

So what’s Quake do? Run to a farmhouse for help or maybe grab his phone and call 911?

Nope. None of the above.

Instead, he picks up Sydney’s broken body, puts her body in the bed of his pickup, and drives off. He’s not looking for medical help. He’s sure the woman is dead. Instead of getting her to a nearby house for aid, Quake decides to hide the corpse.

Quake drives into a rice field, digs a hole, buries Sydney, and drives off. Oh. But, wait. Quake does something else before covering Sydney’s body with dirt and driving off.

He undresses the corpse and “messes around with it.” At least that’s what Quake will tell a psychologist later during a court-ordered exam.

That done, Quake buries the body, and believe it or not, goes back to work. Three hours later, he goes home. Quake lives with his wife and stepchildren at his parent’s home. They’re trying to save money to build their own house.

Anyway, Quake goes home, has dinner with the family, and then goes to bed. He decides not to tell anyone what happened. Quake is hoping this all will somehow just go away.

But it doesn’t. Everyone’s talking about Sydney and wondering what happened to the woman. Quake’s father knows he had been driving on the road where she was last seen and asks if he knows anything about Sydney.

Quake breaks and goes to the local sheriff’s office. He confesses it all.

Quake claimed he didn’t kill Sydney on purpose, and hiding the body just came down to being scared. But he’s facing charges of capital murder, kidnapping, abuse of a corpse, and rape.

Oh. The psychologist who examined him said Quake is competent to stand trial. And Quake’s wife has filed for divorce.


Lust quickly turns to love. Grant can’t get enough of Silvie. She’s a pro. A ‘Cam Girl’ who reels him in and takes everything.

Grant’s family will pay the price in money and blood.

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