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Jogger Killed, Farmer Arrested: Shocking True Crime Story

Mourners were asked to bring their own candle and wear a mask on Sunday night if they planned to attend a candlelight vigil for Sydney Sutherland.

The Jackson County, Arkansas resident, went out for a jog Wednesday. After a UPS driver spotted her running along State Highway 18, she was never seen again.

Not, that is, until authorities discovered the 5-foot, 3-inch, 103-pound woman’s body Friday afternoon. The next day, the medical examiner confirmed it was Sydney.

Investigators found their first clue, Thursday, the day after Sydney disappeared when they discovered her undamaged cell phone about a quarter-mile from her home.

They immediately began an intensive search with the help of Arkansas State Police and search dogs. Along with an exhaustive search, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office also had to squelch a rumor that someone driving a truck with Texas license plates was involved.

Not long after Sydney’s body was identified, a local farmer, Quake Lewellyn, was arrested. The 28-year-old man faces a charge of capital murder, according to a KARK-TV report.

Did the suspect know Sydney? Perhaps, but not well, said Dominique Wagner, who went to high school with Sydney.

“That was her usual jogger route, they say. For the farmer to know her, I guess they’ve seen her every day walking that route, so that’s crazy.”

Just as Dominique was shocked to learn that her high-school classmate had been murdered, Zack Jackson, who went to school with Sydney, can’t believe Quake is charged with murder.

“Never would have thought anything like this would happen with him,” said Zack,” he was a nice guy,”

"We'll find you no matter what." When Mollie Tibbetts disappeared on July 18, 2018, her mother, Laura Calderwood, promised she would never quit searching. Mollie's father, two brothers, along with a legion of friends and other family members, took the same vow.

A special law enforcement task force received more than 1500 tips, followed up with hundreds of interviews. All dead ends.

Just when it seemed they'd never find Mollie, police received the one tip that led them to the University of Iowa student who left the house to go jogging one warm summer night and never came home.

For five weeks in the summer of 2018, the whole world was watching Brooklyn, Iowa.

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