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Jesus Loves Me, The Beginning of the End of a Shocking True Crime Story

Kris Pedretti, one of Joseph James DeAngelo’s first victims, said in Sacramento Superior Court yesterday that she sang “Jesus Loves Me” to herself while being raped by the man who would come to be known as the Golden State Killer.

Kris was home alone when she was attacked a week before Christmas in 1976. She was only 15 years of age.

Kris was one of the first to speak, yesterday, during the sentencing portion of DeAngelo’s trial.

The serial rapist and killer confessed to 13 murders in June and admitted raping dozens of women in California. He eluded police for more than four decades, finally brought down by a DNA test.

DeAngelo did more than rape and murder. He played games with his victims. Often, DeAngelo would take breaks and eat food from the victims’ refrigerators. He liked to tie up other family members in the house and make them watch his attacks on their loved ones.

Kris said DeAngelo tormented her and “told me over and over again he would kill me. I believed him. At three different times during that night I thought I was going to die.”

DeAngelo let Kris live, but he left her broken, bloody, naked, and alone in her family’s home amid all the usual Christmas decorations.This kid who liked to go shopping and do cartwheels on the lawn — that girl was gone,” she said, yesterday.

Listed as the tenth victim of DeAngelo’s sexual assaults during a time when police dubbed him the East Area Rapist, said that, ironically, her attacker continued to live in the same neighborhood she lived in for decades after the rape.

“Who knows how many times I passed him in the grocery store, or sat near him at a restaurant, oblivious to the fact that the rapist who took so much from me was only a few feet away.”

However, finally, Kris told DeAngelo in court yesterday that his secrets had been exposed. His double life was over. “You will forever be known as a repulsive coward who hid behind a mask of evil.”

More victim statements are scheduled through Thursday.

DeAngelo, 74. will be formally sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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