• Rod Kackley

Indiana School Massacre Plot Stopped

A confidential informant sounded the alarm. He told the Rochester, Indiana police department, "Johnny Schultz IV and some friends are planning a school massacre." He also said, "they have a bunch of guns, and they are waiting for school to open to kill a bunch of kids."

See something. Say something. Because somebody spoke up and followed that mantra, the Rochester P. D. stopped a planned school massacre.

Crime is all about motive, means, and opportunity. John Schulz IV, 18, and his 17-year-old buddy, Donald Robin, allegedly had all three.

Rochester cops say the motive was as simple as John and Donald wanting to emulate the infamous Columbine school massacre of 1999. Police found loads of posts and messages on their social media accounts and Facebook pages that focused on the Columbine school shooters.

John and Donald — neither of whom are enrolled in school — exchanged ideas about walking into a local school after it reopened with guns blazing.

"I'm killing myself after I kill a bunch of people... and we're peacin' out when we kill a bunch of human scum," Donald wrote in a June 21 message to John.

The pair also had the means to carry out an attack of horrific proportions. Rochester police say they had plenty of weapons to do the job and were planning to accumulate more firepower.

We've covered motive and means. Now, how about "opportunity?"

This is damn scary.

John lived just 522 feet from an elementary school. However, according to their social media messaging, the pair had two other buildings on their hit list: a middle school and a high school.

Thanks to the Rochester Police Department's quick response to that CI's tip, John's not living close to a school anymore. He's behind bars in Fulton County Jail. Donald is in a juvenile detention center.

Both are scheduled to stand trial in January 2021.

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