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How Could a Mother Do This To Her Children? A Shocking True Crime Story

Lisa Marie Lesher will never see her daughters again unless, for some reason, they want to visit their mother in prison.

The same goes for the Alabama woman’s husband, Michael William Lesher.

The couple will serve multiple life sentences for a decade of sexually abusing their daughters. Michael Lesher was sentenced to 438 years in prison. Lisa Marie got a 723-year prison sentence on November 2, 2020.

Both were convicted of charges that included rape, sodomy, sexual torture, and sexual abuse of the children.

“In my 37 years as a prosecutor, this is singularly the most disturbing case of child sexual assault that I have ever tried,” said Morgan County Chief Assistant District Attorney Paul Matthews.

It was a very rough trial for the jury, too. Among other things, jurors heard Michael claiming that one of the girls was a willing participant during a police interview.

Nor was this an easy case to prosecute. Investigators wanted to press charges against the monster mom and her evil husband back in 2007, but they did have enough evidence.

Fortunately, there is no statute of limitations for this kind of vicious sexual abuse of children in Alabama.

“Seeking justice for these victims became the goal of the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office,” said Matthews. “I am glad that we were finally able to give them the opportunity to tell about the abuse that they suffered…”

Prosecutor Courtney Schellack said in a statement, “The victims suffered for years living with these monsters, and have suffered with the consequences of their actions for over a decade. The sentence, in this case, was well deserved, and gives the victims a sense of closure.”

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